Best Chance Missing the A, J, and 10

Suppose you are the declarer and you need to hold this suit to 1 loser:

Dummy: Q 6 4 2

Declarer: K 7 5 3

Looks fairly hopeless, right?  Most of the time (probably 80% or so) you will lose 2 tricks in this suit.  Your only chances to hold it to one loser are:

  • Delay playing the suit so that one of the opponents makes a costly discard in it;  or
  • Find one of the hands with a doubleton Ace (and guess which one).

Suppose you think LHO is more likely to hold the Ace doubleton.  Perhaps they made a takeout double of this suit.  Lead to the Queen in dummy.  If it wins, lead back toward your hand and duck.  If the now bare Ace wins, you look like a hero to your admiring partner.  If it doesn’t, oh well, nothing was going to work.