Signaling at Suit Contracts Part Two

Part 1 featured attitude and count signals.  This part will cover the rare cases when one should make a suit preference signal.  The most common situations are these:

  1. You are giving your partner a ________ and you want to tell them how to come back to your hand.
    1. High spot says “come back to me in the ___________ remaining suit.”
    2. Low spot says “come back to me in the __________ remaining suit.”
    3. Ambiguous spot says “You can’t get back to my hand in a ______ _______ .”
    4. Example:  You hold A9642 in Spades and Hearts are trumps.  You know your partner is ruffing the next Spade.
      1. To ask for a Diamond return play the _________ .
      2. To ask for a Club return play the _________ .
      3. To torture your partner play the _________ .
  2. Your bidding has shown a suit of at least ______ card length and your partner leads a high honor.
  3. Partner has lead a suit you have supported but you can’t possibly want her to continue because the lead set up a number of _________ in the dummy.
  4. Dummy has a ______________ in the suit led and you can’t possibly want a continuation.  Please note that sometimes you want a continuation anyway.  This could be because you want to shorten Dummy’s trumps or because you can’t stand your partner’s shift to a new suit.
    1. Example:  You hold KT97632 in Clubs, Spades are trumps.  Partner leads the Ace of Clubs.  Dummy has just 1 Club.
      1. To ask for a Diamond play the _______ .
      2. To ask for a Heart play the _________ .
      3. To tell partner to continue clubs play the ________ .