“Williamsburg” Two Diamond Opening

In my regular partnership with Tom Smith we play an interesting Roman-style three-suited 2D opener with a broad range, 11-20 HCP.  This seems to have a few adherents in the Virginia Peninsula Unit 110.  When the hand has 11-15 HCP then the opener guarantees one of his suits is spades.  A typical auction goes 2D – 2H (artificial asking bid) – 2S with a minimum, non-forcing – 2NT “Where’s your shortness”, etc.  We’ve had some good results with it but we’ve also had a few bad ones.  When we started playing it we didn’t have any real agreements on how to cope with interference.  So, for the approximately 4 of us that play it, here’s what Tom and I designed in competition:

Direct interference over 2D:

      • 2D-(X):
        •    P:  Penalty pass in D
        •    XX: replaces the 2H ask
        •    2H or 2S starts a scramble.
        •    NT bids are natural
      • 2D-(2H or 2 S natural):
        •    P: <8 HCP
        •    X: Negative, 8+ HCP, opener responds as if responder had made the 2H ask
        •    New Suit Bids: Natural, invitational
        •    Cuebids: Game forcing, Stayman
      • 2D – (2NT natural):  X is penalty oriented
      • Negative doubles over 3C and 3D overcalls.

Interference over the 2H asking bid:

      • 2D-(P)-2H-(X):
        •    P:   11-15,
        •    2S: 11-15, short in H
        •    XX: Big hand with 4H, willing to play 2H-XX in a 4-3 fit.  Later X are for penalty
        •    3H: Big hand short in H
      • 2D-(P)-2H-(2S/3C/3D/3H natural):
        • X is max with 4 in that suit
        • Next suit is max short in that suit
        • Pass is min

I still think that the two sub-ranges 11-15 and 16-20 are a bit too broad.  One idea is to use a dual range, something like 11-14 or 18-21.  With 15-17 open in one of your suits and rebid another.